Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Day 8 - Nothing!

The block was supposed to be pegged two days ago and it still has not happened.

I called our SS today and he said he is also frustrated as the peg out was booked last week and it should have been done on Friday or Monday at the latest.  They have told our SS that they will peg out the block this week, but they wont give any other information than that.

The problem with the delay in the peg out, it sets everything else back.   The cut was booked for tomorrow/Friday. It has been pushed back until Monday

We were supposed to have a slab down 14 days after the file was given to the SS. I was hoping that it would be done sooner than that, but at this stage I don't even think we will have a site cut by that time.

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  1. don't stress, they will make up the time somewhere else.