Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 29 - Lower Frames

This morning I drove past the block and noticed that a skip bin had been delivered. That made me smile as the concretors were not the cleanest bunch and left all of their food scraps and rubbish over the front of the block. I was itching to give it a clean.

I rung our trusty SS to find out what was happening next. He said termite treatment would be today, sediment control fence and the remaining temporary fencing would be installed and the lower frames to be delivered.

I went past just after lunch and the temporary fence had been finished off and the sediment control fence was being installed.

This afternoon we went back to check what had happened

No termite treatment - or not what we can see anyway, frames and steels had been delivered.

Sediment control fence

Skip bin after we had cleared up some of the site. It was empty before we started and there is still more to clean up

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