Thursday, November 15, 2012

Day 16 - More Site Cut Photos

As nothing happened on the block yesterday, I thought I would post some more pics that I took.

I will show you the difference in the driveway since it has been cut.

As you can see the gate is not far off from the ground. There is also two  fence posts on the left hand side of the fence. It is about 800mm from the fence on the left to the driveway.

As you can see the slope on the driveway has gone, and is is nearly flat. The fence on the left now sits on the driveway - I am glad I didnt purchase the rest of the hedges to go up both sides of the driveway.  You will also notice that there is only one fence post on the left - the larger one that was for the gate is now lying on the ground.

The gate that was nearly touching the ground - it is now about 600mm - 700mm off the ground and it doesn't touch the other fence post - not even close.  I don't think this gate will be keeping much in do you?

Looking back at the gate, you can see how much has been cut out on the left of the photo - the original height was where the fence is. It is even lower when you get to where the garage will be.

The next door neighbours house.  Our house will go in the vicinity of that yellow peg on the right hand side of the photo.  You can see that just the dirt is up to the bottom of the neighbours window (which isn't full length) so once we get the house up we will be towering over them.

Looking at the front of the block from when it was originally cut.

Looking at it now that it has been properly cut

Looks a lot neater - just needs some grass.

Finally a picture of the house pad

Hoping for some action on the block today. Piers would be nice. 

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  1. I'm totes looking forward to following this Jen. I'm such a reno tragic! And even though a build isn't possible for me in Sydney, I'd still like to watch. Good luck with it all!