Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Day 21 - Plumbing

It was plumbing day today. I honestly did not think that they would show up as it was raining when I left for work.

Mat is on nights this week, so luckily he could go out to site and meet with the plumbers to work out where the stormwater and septic pipes were going to go.

The easement is at the back of the block, which is 66 metres from the house. We were not given a fixed price for this in our contract as Rawson was unsure of the site conditions, so we wanted the most direct route that we could get to save money. We also wanted to avoid the area where we eventually want the pool.

We managed to get the most direct route, but didn't avoid the pool location. So it is back to the drawing board on the pool, or move the pipes at a later date.

Tomorrow the concretors are back to start forming up the slab

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