Monday, November 19, 2012

Day 20 - Piers

We have piers!!!!

I didn't expect that anything would happen today. I was told last Thursday that we would piers on Tuesday at the earliest.  This morning I called my faithful SS. I have spoken to him so many times since he took over our site, I am sure that I don't even have to say who it is anymore.  I have a quite distinctive voice. I swear I am Australian. I was born here and lived, all but two years here, but people that don't know me swear I am English. I blame that on Mat.

Anyway I digress, when I spoke with my SS today he said that the piers were being done today and that he had spoken to the concretors and they were already on site.    I swear I could have jumped through the phone and hugged him.

So here are the pictures. We didn't stay around for long today, but did see the first pier being drilled and saw them being filled with concrete.

The slab being measured out.

First pier being drilled.

The slab from the back. It looks a lot smaller than we thought it would

 The back of the house is 8m wide, but it does not look like it. At the moment it looks like it couldn't fit the kitchen in.  I was actually shocked at the size of what the slab will be. Everyone when they see the plans to the house and sees that it is 27 metres long they always comment that it is going to be a large house. It is deceiving and I have been advised that it will be a very big slab and will take about 50m3 of concrete. 

 We had about 70lm of piers.  One of the things that we are happy about with Rawson was their contract is fixed price, so that means that no matter how many piers they need we don't have to pay anything extra.  When we were going to build with McDonald Jones, they give a provision for piering. In our tender we had 50 metres of piering, anything extra was at a cost of $80/lm.  So if we only had a provision for piering today and it was 50 metres, we would have received a $1,600.00 bill. I am glad we don't have that bill coming.

Providing the weather plays fair for the rest of the week, we should have

Plumbing tomorrow
Forming of slab Wednesday and Thursday
With a bit of luck we should have a slab Friday or early next week.

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