Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day 15 - Site Cut. Check!

We have been cut!!!!

I was at work yesterday so I didn't get to see it being done, which is a bit of a shame, but it was a huge surprise when I went out there.


After the trees had been removed and the initial cut


The block even though it had been cut, still was too high where the garage is - so that had to go down another 150mm and it was too low in some parts and had to go up another 150mm

Looking towards the front of the block before yesterday

Looking towards the front of the block now

The driveway has been lowered quite a lot and there is hardly any slope on it now.

One of the things we were worried about was the height of the fill on the back left hand side of the house, which is closest to the neighbour. We thought it was already high enough, but yesterday we realised it was still too low and it had to increase by 150mm - so now it is an even bigger mound

It is currently over 1200mm in height.  The boundary fence is 1200mm and we are above that. I think the top of the ground floor will be above the neighbours roof.

We are going to build a retaining wall along the boundary fence, probably about 600mm high and then bring in a lot of fill, to try and reduce the severity of the mound. We were going to have gardens there anyway, so I dont think you will notice it once the plants mature.

I will come back with some more photos later when I take them on my camera, the iphone really doesn't do it justice.

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