Thursday, November 22, 2012

Day 22 - Slab Form

Yesterday was the first day of the forming of the slab.  I thought that we were going to have two days of formwork and then the third day would be the pour. I have since been advised by the concretors that due to the size and the weight of our slab it will take three days to form.

Yesterday we arrived at the block around 11am. They had already formed quite a bit up. As soon as we got there, a truck showed up much to Harry's delight to drop of the padding for the slab

Waffle pods had already been delivered

We left them to it - I am sure they don't appreciate an audience and this is what we came back to in the afternoon.

The pipes in the foreground are for the 5th bedroom ensuite.  The pipes in the middle of the photo is for the laundry.

Height of the slab - it is going to be really thick. Right hand side of picture, you can see the step down of the formwork. This is where the alfresco area joins the house.

Main bedroom balcony footings
The pipework in the back left hand side of the photo is for the kitchen.
Looking directly at the garage - formwork off to the right (in the middle of the photo) is for the water tank.  The pipe work in the middle left of the photo is for the downstairs powder room

Looking from the front porch to the back of the house.

Do you think the slab looks bigger than it did yesterday?

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