Friday, June 28, 2013

Day 240 - Stair Love

I am loving my stairs - happy to break out and say that I love love love them.

The carpenter will be finished at the house today.  The carpenter has completed the fixout.  We had a little bonus with the fixout items supplied. All door handles were issued as privacy locks.  We didn't order them, but will happily accept them. So all doors apart from the kids room will have privacy locks.

The plasterers were back again yesterday. They have completed the void wall, however we were still not happy with the walls in the upstairs hall. These have now been fixed to perfection and we just need the painter to come back and repaint where they have patched.

The tilers - they have been back to fix up some of their questionable tiles. Still not happy with their work and they have forgotten a few tiles that needed replacing.  Our trusty SS is onto it and will get them to come back again so that it is to our satisfaction.

Flyscreens were installed yesterday. The front and laundry doors have also had their screen doors installed.

The only thing I dont like about the screen door is the bar going through the screen. I know it probably has to be there for strength, but why didn't they put the bar through the middle.   I am sure once we are in the house we wont notice it.

We have decided to not push to get the house handed over next Friday.  I think that the house will be basically finished, but I didn't think that the bank would be able to release the final funds in time.  We have to have some sort of occupation certificate in order for them to release their funds and I didn't think we would receive this. The bank also needs to arrange a valuation, and again this would be pushing it.  So even though I was disappointed at the time, it is only an extra week.  So handover date 12th July 2013

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