Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Day 231 - Fit Off Take Three

Yesterday saw the early arrival of the shower screens, mirrors and wardrobe shelves.

Wardrobes are all the same, just a shelf and a hanging rail.  The master bedroom WIR we will fit this out properly when we have the funds available, but for the time being the shelf and hanging rail will be fine.

5th bedroom WIR
The pantry has also been fitted out.   After living in a rental house for the last 14 months with a tiny pantry and I looking forward to using this one.

The pantry continues around to the left of the photo - so there is even more room

The shower screens were also installed.  They are semi-frameless, which was standard with Rawson

Linen cupboards were also fitted out

The mirrors were also installed. One of them in off centre, which we are not happy with and would like it either moved or replaced, but apart from that we are really happy.

Electrical fit off was completed yesterday, and my favourite part - the LED downlights in the upper kitchen cupboards

Can't wait to see what they look like when the splashback is installed. 

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