Monday, June 3, 2013

Day 215 - Splashback

In our last house we had a glass splashback.  With this house, I had my heart set on a 4.75m window that ran the whole length of the kitchen, but as that was going to cost nearly $5,000 we settled on the 3m window, so it leaves 850mm on either side, plus a tiny slither below the upper cupboards.

I thought choosing kitchen colours was hard. I thought choosing bathroom tiles was hard. They are nothing compared to choosing a splashback.

We weren't going to go for tiles but then I saw tiles that I fell in love with at our tile appointment, and then Phil and Amity used them on The Block for their splashback. They are just perfection.

The best idea that The Block has come up with is the suppliers list - very helpful and sometimes very depressing when you find out the cost of the things that they use.

I have found the tiles are Cubic White and they come in a Spanish made tile at 330 x 600 for $120.00/m2 and a Chinese made tile for $79.00/m2 at 300 x 600mm

Our splashback is 850mm on either side, so we would need only 8 or so tiles - so it could be a cheap splashback even with paying someone to lay them.

Another thought is a glass splashback.  We had one in our last house, it was great and easy to keep clean.
My problem here is the colour.   Remember the colour of our kitchen.

I am stumped as to what colour to choose.  People have suggested red, but that wont really go with our colour scheme.  Another thought was grey - but what grey - plus then it stands out and I want the feature to be the window.

I had a brainwave last week and thought maybe we could continue the caesarstone in the same colour as the bench.  Surely with it being the same colour, it would nearly vanish and you would not notice it.  

The problem we have here is the price - how much would it be?????

We have someone coming out on Wednesday to give us a quote for the Caesarstone, someone coming out on Thursday to give us a quote for the glass.  

Who ever thought the splashback would be the hardest part.

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