Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day 223 - The Importance of Shopping Around

Last week I blogged about our splashback dilemma.  I am still none the wiser and have not made a decision.  

I have had two companies out to measure up for a glass splashback. My main concern was the gap between the window and the bottom of the upper cupboards.

This is where I get to the importance of shopping around. 

Splashback is roughly 850mm long x 600mm high  x two lengths.  There is also a section that is 3m long and about 50mm wide.   I want the splashback to go into the return of the window so you do not see the frame, so that includes a few more bits of glass.

One glass company came back at  $935.00 and this is in starfire glass (more expensive so it does not get a green tinge) and the other glass company $1,133.00 for normal glass and $1,397.00 for starfire. Ouch that is a nearly a 50% difference in the price for supplying the same thing. 

The company that was the higher amount, we went to them first as they did the splashback in our last house. I didn't even realise the second company did glass splashbacks, but I happened to see a quote come across my desk last week for a glass splashback for one of my works job. Thank goodness I called them to quote as well. 

Tomorrow I have the Caesarstone people to come out and measure up for what it will cost to have a Caesarstone splashback. I wonder how much that will be. 

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