Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 232 - More Purchases

The problem with building a new house is you need to purchase new things.  Those little things that you need to buy certainly add up to a lot of money.

We need a new fridge, so we ended up buying one on the weekend.   Just a piece of advise for those building or doing a new kitchen.  Make sure you find the fridge you want and measure not only the width, but the height.  We made sure that we had enough width and forgot about the height and we are a couple of centimetres short.  Our fridge options were limited, but I am happy with the fridge we bought.

I really wanted a french door fridge, but those few centimetres really made a difference. Our fridge space is 175cm high and most of the french doors are 178cm - see what I mean - only centimetres.

We also need new tv's - three of them to be exact.  Yes I know it seems a lot of TV's.

The sales person tried to get me interested in a $15,000 tv - no I am sorry that is really not in my price range, and I would never purchase a TV for the same price as a car.  These cheapies $700.00 each for a 50".  I dont think I will be needing to purchase tv's for awhile.

One of the good things that we found was buying everything from the one store, you get a better price.  We ended up getting a good price on items that were already on sale including 5 year replacement warranties and delivery thrown in.

We are also thinking about light fittings.  My taste = expensive, so I have been sourcing lights on eBay.  What do you think of these purchases

The pendant is 500mm in diameter and made of a fibreglass type material.  Cost for this - $35.00!  I thought it was a bargain - not sure where it is going to go yet.

Another light purchase was this stainless steel pendant.   I wish I had read the listing carefully as I had to drive to the end of the earth to get this one.

It is large being 750mm in diameter.  The only problem with it (apart from where it was located) it is HEAVY - I mean it weighs a tonne. It was a bargain at $40.00.  My only concern with the pendant is installing it.  Hopefully it does not pull the ceiling down.

Last but not least, a desk for my daughter.  I wanted a smallish desk, and one that would match the furniture that she already has.  Another eBay purchase.

Isn't it just so cute and good value at $109.00 which included the chest of drawers. It will be perfect for her room. Now I just have to get a chair to go with it.  I am thinking something like this

What do you think?


  1. I LOVE that chair Jen!!! Good job on the purchases and deals!!

  2. Was the chair from eBay as well? We need to buy a fridge as well, thanks for the heads up about the height we would never of thought of that. Your blog is great!

    1. I wish the chair was from eBay. It is on Etsy and is $1,000 for four and located in The States. I am going to try and replicate it

  3. In regards to the fridge height, have you checked that it is actually 178 tall all the way? Some actually has the door slightly taller than the fridge. Since the cabinets are only 60 deep, and the fridge is likely to be deeper, you may get away with it.