Saturday, June 1, 2013

Day 213 - Tiles

The tiles on the house are nearly finished. I thought that they would be finished on Friday, but the tilers have had a lot of trouble with the feature tiles and the store did not supply enough. So they will be finished tomorrow apart from a few missing tiles in the powder room.

So far they have been tiling for 10 days, only having a break on Friday.

Main bedroom ensuite bath
Feature tile to be grouted
Close up of the feature tile in the shower niche

The feature tile cost $1,400.00, but I am loving the look of it, especially when it has been grouted. 

The laundry tub has also been installed.  We are planning to add in a caesarstone benchtop and cupboards later on, but it will do for the meantime. 

This is a slimline cabinet, so we will have enough room to put the washer and dryer side by side and not have to have it hanging on the wall. 

Site fence comes down this week. Painting should be finished this week and then we are on the home stretch - fit off!!!!!

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