Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Day 149 - Clean Site

Yesterday the alfresco roof was finished. 

It is nice to now have the house basically water tight.  We just have the carpenters to come back and finish off the eaves for the alfresco and then our external works will be complete.

The site was also cleaned yesterday.  With the scaffolding gone and the site cleaned it is starting to look like we have a lot of room

The grass in front of the house.  The two large trees are to be removed shortly
The scaffolding had not been picked up by the time the site clean was done, so the bobcat had to make an alterate route to get to the skip bin. 

Harry's favourite hill has gone, but there is a ramp into the garage.

Airconditioning rough in should be completed today.  Not sure if anything else is scheduled.  Carpenters will be back tomorrow.

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