Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day 148 - Progress

Yesterday the alfresco roof was started. I was hoping it would be finished, but it obviously takes longer than a day.

Mat is working nights this week, so he has visited the house today and he has reported that the alfresco roof has been finished.

The electricians started the rough-in yesterday as well.  I have a lot of very dark pictures that are pretty boring of electrical wires, but I will save you from those.  

Something that was installed yesterday that is a bit more photo worthy

A meter box!!!  The electricity to the house has not been connected yet, but it is progress.

Electrical rough in should have been completed today.  Airconditioning rough in started and should be completed tomorrow. 

Site clean also today.  Luckily Mat was at the block today, as the guy doing the site clean would have thrown out the two full pallets (760 bricks) of bricks and the spare roof tiles (44 tiles) that we wanted to save.

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