Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Day 128 - Gutter Guard

The gutter guard was finally installed yesterday on the upper roof.

No carpenters.

The carpenter told me on Saturday that he had another job to go to and he would not be back for a week and when he was there on Monday I was glad that he was incorrect. With no show yesterday and I have driven past the block this morning and it is empty again, I can only assume that he was correct and we just have to wait.

Today marks the beginning of week 19. I am trying to be positive. I know I have a 40 week contract and Rawson is well within their contract period, but it gets you frustrated when time frames of things being done keep blowing out.

We were told at the beginning of last week that we would be finished external works and be starting inside in two weeks.  That two weeks is up at the end of this week and really we are no closer.  In order to move inside all the external carpentry needs to be finished, the painters need to come, they need to install the lower roof including gutter and fascia, to the alfresco area and install the garage roof.  Do you really think that will happen in 3 days????

Edit: I have spoken with our SS earlier.  The reason the carpenters were not on site is they cannot put the eaves up when the scaffolding is so high. Scaffolding could not come down until the gutter guard had been installed.  Gutter guard yesterday, scaffolding today and the carpenters will be back tomorrow.  

My SS is predicting if all the trades play nice and they show up when they are supposed to and don't let him down we should be plastering in three weeks.  

All is right again with the world.

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