Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day 141 - Scaffolding Down

The majority of the scaffolding came down yesterday.

I was very excited at work and couldn't wait to get to the block and see what the house looked like without the scaffolding.   Unfortunately some was still up, but I am sure that will be removed in the next day or so.

The house looks so different without the scaffolding

Another positive of the scaffolding coming down, I can now see the cladding paint properly, and I am glad to say that I am happy with it. 

One thing I am not happy with. You might have noticed in the picture of the back of the house above the sliding doors have been installed.  Mat was very excited when he got to the house yesterday and saw that they had been installed.  Not too happy when he opened them.

They are not the stacker doors that we thought they were going to be. They have two fixed panels and only one opening glass door.  Totally stupid and not what we wanted. 

When we went to our sales meeting to discuss what we wanted we said we wanted two sets of stacker doors. It was the poor mans bifolds. We could not afford bi-folds so this was the compromise.   When we got our check plans back, there was (what we thought) was one set of stacker doors at the back and a normal window on the kitchen side of the back of the house.  We got the sales person to delete this window and draw in (what we thought) was another stacker.   We made sure that both of the doors opened to the outside of the house.   We got the plans back and the arrows of the doors were pointing the right way, never did we think that the doors had two fixed panels and only slid in the middle.

To say I am gutted is an understatement.  It looks crap!  I have asked the SS to give me a call when he has a chance today to discuss them.  A little dramatic I know, but I feel like the house will be ruined with three sets (the master bedroom doors are the same) of these doors.  Hoping we can find a solution to fixing these, as I know that they cannot just replace the doors, the frames need replacing as well.


  1. It's a shame about your stacker doors, hopefully they can be replaced at a reasonable cost. I would definitely have them replaced - they don't seem at all practical in the current formation. Good luck!

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