Monday, March 25, 2013

Day 147 - Roof's

On Friday when I was leaving the block the roof rail people showed up to attach the roof rail for the garage and alfresco roof.

My parents made a surprise visit from Sydney as they have not seen the house since it was just the frames. When we arrived at the house, the roofers had made an earlier than scheduled visit and had completed the garage roof.

Excuse the bad photo
The roof rail was in place on the alfresco for it to be completed

Saturday morning the brick cleaner arrived for his third day of cleaning bricks.  I am happy to say that I think he is nearly done and there only looks like there are a couple of bits that need re-doing. 

This morning I arrived at the block and there was a ute in the driveway. I thought it must have been the electrician, but it turns out it was Rawson's quality control person.  He was going around with a spirit level checking everything.  I was quite impressed and wished I could have hung around to find out the verdict.  The roofers also showed up, so the alfresco will get its roof today and then thankfully we will have all of the roofing finished. 

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