Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Day 154 - Knee Deep in Mud

On Thursday there was more carpentry work completed on the house.  The eaves for the alfresco were all but finished and the deck for the main bedroom balcony was also completed.

We made the most of the weekend and got stuck into planting out the mound.

Do you remember what the mound looked like when it was first done. Here are some refresher pictures.

Our main concern was that the house next door is 1 metre away from the fence and they are 1.2. rural wire fencing, so there is no privacy from the fencing.

We are up quite a bit higher than the neighbours, so we wanted to make sure that our alfresco and eventual pool area will have privacy, and the neighbours will not be overlooked when they are on their deck.

Just in from the fence line we have planted Oldhamii bamboo.  They are spaced about 5 metres apart. This type of bamboo grows to 12 metres high and is a clumping bamboo

We have also planted in between the large bamboo a mixture of Tiger Grass and Chinese Dwarf bamboo.  Both species get to about 3 metres and make a great screen

Tiger Grass

Chinese Dwarf
I love tropical plants, and we have collected a lot of them.  We have quite a lot of mature plants that were ready to be planted and so they have created quite an impact already.

We have over 20 Yucca plants. Most of these we have found or been given for free. They will grow to over three metres with a few of them nearly at that height already.

We also have quite a few Giant Bird of Paradise plants. These will also grow very tall and will make a great screen

We have also scattered the garden with Lomandra grass, agave, ginger, palm trees and aloe vera plants.

We still have some very large agave plants cycads to plant at the top of the mound once we are closer to handover. I would be devastated if anything happened to them


I think it has made quite a bit of difference already 

Next thing we need to do is get a bobcat back to scrape off the mound so we can turf it. With all the clay the slightest bit of rain makes it a bog pit.

Harry was the only person who didn't complain about the mud - he had a great time.

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