Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Day 168 - Clay

The plastering continues, but I thought I wouldn't bore you with more pictures of patched plasterboard.

Last week when we had the electricity cables put in, I knew as soon as we had a bit of rain the driveway would become a clay pit and un-usable.  I put in a call to the SS the day it was done asking for the driveway to be covered in gravel. Was it done?????  No.

Yesterday it rained. It did not rain for that long, but it was pretty hard.  Last night it rained again.  The driveway is as I predicted.  A clay pit.

What has made the driveway worse is someone decided last night that our build was very interesting and they would take a closer look.  They drove quite close to the site fencing and ended up getting themselves bogged and it has taken quite an effort and left quite a mess to get themselves out.   Their tyre tracks go all the way up the road. Too bad they don't go into a driveway as I could have stopped them and told them that we were missing clay from our driveway and I have found it on their tyres.

The problem that we have, is their tyres have gone right into the trench where the electricity cables are and have sunk down about 300mm.   I doubt that they have damaged anything, but now they are closer to the surface than they were before.

Luckily nothing was stolen from the house and nothing was damaged. This is the second time that we have known that people have been visiting the block after hours. The first time, a couple of weeks ago, I caught them there when I visited just before dark to put the chickens away and they were reversing out.

Keeping everything crossed that the house will be locked up next week.


  1. It certainly pays to have good neighbours who can keep an eye out.
    Just watch as it gets closer to finishing that the trades lock all windows and doors when the leave the site.
    I have found windows and doors not only unlocked but wide open, and that is with all appliances, bathrooms, air cond installed!

  2. It never ceases to amaze me how nosey people are when you are building. We had people open gates (and not shut them grrrr) and drive up to house and walk around in it!!!!