Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day 251 - Occupation Certificate - CHECK

I thought that getting the Occupation Certificate was going to be a big drama.

The final council inspection was last Monday and it came back as rejected and they were waiting on the all weather access to be completed, plus the certificates from Rawson for the work completed.

I rung Port Stephens Council yesterday and they said it was still under rejection as the certificates had not been received.

I rung my SS, who rung Rawson head office to be told that they had been sent the Friday before.  I rung Council again to be told that they had probably gone to the person who did the inspection and he was not in until this morning.

I called first thing this morning - and caught the inspector before he had a chance to sit down.  He had received the certificates and wanted to confirm that we had completed the driveway. Thankfully I did call today as I found out that he only works one day per week and if I did not call he would have not done anything today and I would have had to wait another week - meaning no handover.

You know you are in trouble when the council says that we have our work cut out for us with all the clay we have - yes I know, but there is nothing a bit of turf can''t solve.

So the council agreed to issue the Occupation Certificate - even better, he said that it will be the Final OC - not the interim that I thought it was going to be. It must have been the driveway that won it for us.

My only downer was he did not think it would be done today as he did not know the office lady's typing schedule.

Thankfully the lady's typing schedule must have had an opening and I was emailed the OC earlier.  I rung the bank and emailed it through.

 The bank valuation has come back today as fine, so the OC was the final piece in the puzzle and they have confirmed that a cheque will be available for collection on Thursday!!!!!

Time to get excited!!!!!!

Days to handover - 3


  1. Hi Jen, the house pics look great. I have not kept my blog up to date since we have moved in. Our driveway is still an issue that stops us from getting a final occupation certificate. Ours is also compacted road base. Did you complete a driveway application form with drawing etc of driveway in order to get the final occ cert??

    1. Jason we didn't have to do anything like that. I didn't think we would get the final OC, but apparently the requirement is for 'all weather' access. Maybe you need to go higher up in the council. If you want some council names let me know

    2. Thanks Jen, could you please email me some contacts please? also your assessing officer - i wonder if we had different ones?? We cannot get a final occ cert until we have completed a driveway application and paid the $100(approx) fee. my email is tlsjrw at gmail.com I am sure they make rules up as they go :) Jason