Saturday, July 13, 2013

Day 1 - Its Ours!

It is day one of the house being officially ours.  It was an early start as the splashback people were coming at 7:00am, the carpet layers coming around the same time.

On our practical completion inspection we had noticed that the majority of the doors had little lumps throughout them.  It was only when you looked in certain lights that it looked like the door had measles.  At first I thought maybe it was a paint fault, but then realised as we went from door to door that it was a door fault and not a paint fault.  Apparently a few years ago this happened and it is a fault in the door and it does not show up until it is painted.  The boss of Corinthian Doors came out on Monday and it was agreed that nine of the doors in the house would be replaced, but as they were all painted it would mean that they would all have to be painted again.

On Thursday the doors were replaced, and today the painter was back to paint them.  Probably not the best time for him to be there as the place was chaos.

First to arrive was the carpet layers and they got stuck in

What do you think - I love the colour!!!  The carpet layers did a great job. It was a father and son team and they laid just under 50lm of carpet in less than a day.  

The son Ben, he is 19 years old - check out my foot against his shoe.

His shoes size 14 mens, my shoes, ladies size 6!

Next to arrive were my blinds.  We had blinds installed throughout the house, only simple white holland blinds. I am glad we went with them and got them installed straight away. No sheets on windows for us.

Both the carpet and the blinds came from Nelson Bay Carpet Court.  They have been fantastic and their prices are excellent. We had the same carpet priced up at Choices in Newcastle and it was $50.00 more expensive per lineal metre. That is a huge difference when we had nearly 50 metres.

The splashback also was installed. I am a bit undecided with the splashback - I am not sure if I like it.  It is supposed to be made using starfire glass (which is clear), but I think it is throwing a green tinge.

It is supposed to be finished off on Monday, and I have spoken to the company who installed it and they are checking that it is definitely star fire.

We also had a our new tvs and fridge delivered.

Tonight we are sleeping at the house. We have brought over our bed, so it is camping without being uncomfortable.  Tomorrow we move!

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