Saturday, July 6, 2013

Day 248 - Practical Completion

Yesterday we had our Practical Completion inspection. As we have been through the house quite a few times, we had already pointed out some of the things that we were not happy with and they had been fixed.

We knew going into the inspection that any defects would be pretty minor and we actually picked up a few more things than we thought we would - but I am glad that our SS was so thorough and was not happy handing over the house without it being perfect.

On inspection of the kitchen cupboards on the island, Mat noticed two tiny scratches. Now when I saw tiny - they were probably about 5mm long. We thought at first they were in the door, but on closer inspection they were scratches - so that door is going to be replaced.

On the upper cupboard doors I noticed that there was a small black mark, which looked like a permanent marker dot - but it turned out it could not be rubbed off and was actually a flaw in the finish - so that door will be replaced.

The flaws in the doors are really small and you really have to look hard to see them, but really happy that Rawson will get them replaced

Paint touchups - there are a few of these, but this is to be expected - overall the paintwork is very good. Our black entrance wall is looking fantastic.  As it had to be touched up by the plasterers, the painters did a fourth coat on the wall to make sure that it looked perfect.  They have also been very generous and left behind a stack of touchup paint.

The tiles - well they are not 100% perfect, but I know we are being picky.  There are a couple of tile cuts that are not 100% perfect. I would like them perfect, but as I understand that there are building standards and there are tolerances that one is allowed.  As we are very critical at the moment and looking at everything very closely, we are going to live with the suspect cuts and see if they blend in. I am sure they will, but at least we know that we have the option to go back and get them replaced if we are not happy with them later on.

The bank did their final valuation yesterday while we were doing our inspection. They were a day later than what they should have been, and luckily the house happened to be open. So Monday I start chasing for my handover cheque

The Council have completed their final inspection on the house.  Everything has passed and Rawson needs to provide all of their certificates for the work completed to the Council and they will issue the Interim Occupation certificate.  I have been assured that all this paperwork has been provided - so next week I will be onto the council to release the certificate.

Today our driveway works start.   As our driveway is nearly 400m2 (I know the size of some blocks) a concrete driveway is out of the question, so we are going with a roadbase one for the time being.  So today we will have 60 tonnes of roadbase delivered and spread out.  Hopefully that will keep some of the clay at bay and the final clean can be completed on the house.

Days to handover - 6


  1. Woo Hoo! and wow - massive driveway.

  2. A driveway to the Palace. Noice. lol
    Jen, I'm glad to hear that Rawson are flexible with replacing things that are not perfect because we have our PCI on Friday and I'm sure we'll find things, already found some outside things yesterday.