Sunday, July 7, 2013

Day 249 - I Can See Clearly Now The Clay Has Gone

The final clean for the house was scheduled for Friday, but as we were having the driveway works starting on Saturday, I wanted to get rid of the majority of clay before the clean was done. Hopefully it would alleviate the problem of the dirt that was constantly being traipsed through the house.

Remember Craig the excavator man who helped us out of the mud a couple of weeks ago. He arrived early yesterday morning with his truck full of roadbase.  As we were getting 60 tonnes, it would take a total of 5 truck loads.

Remember what the driveway looked like before

The skip truck came in earlier in the week, just after all the rain we had, and nearly got bogged. It left quite deep tracks behind.

The roadbase after 48 tonnes had been delivered.

Time for the bobcat to move in. We have learnt our lesson after last time and got in the professionals.

Remember the skip bin.  It was supposed to be moved Friday, but the company didn't bother to come and pick it up.  The bobcat moved it with ease.

What do you think????  Most of the driveway is done, but we need another three truck loads to finish off.  We thought we would need 60 tonnes, but it turns out we are going to need 84 tonnes - ouch.  Tomorrow Craig will finish off and thankfully that will eliminate the clay problem at the front of the house, we just need to get it sorted out the back.

Days to handover - 5

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