Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day 73 - Kitchens

Our internal selections appointment is next Wednesday. While it was me that booked the appointment and I wanted it before 10th September, I am finding the closer it gets the more stressed I am getting.  The kitchen and vanity colours are confusing me.

I know I want to go for a dark cupboard, with white benchtop. We are having white floors, so I think the cupboards needs to be dark to keep the dark/light contrast.

One of the colours I am looking at is Espresso Ligna

Or here

Another colour that I like the look of is Licorice Linea

Mat wants dark cupboards on the bottom and light on the top. I wasn't sure about this as I am having a hard enough time to choosing one colour let alone two.  As you can tell from the pictures, I am leaning towards timber grain, however, this afternoon I found a kitchen that isn't timber grain and has different coloured overhead cupboards - this has thrown a spanner in the works

While I wouldn't go for the red splashback as it wont suit our colour scheme, I love the colours of the kitchen. Colours here are Laminex Fossil and Paperbark.

What I found out is that Laminex if you call them will give you 150mm x 150mm samples of all their colours.


  1. Love the Expresso Ligna in that first kitchen, would look nice with a flat cream or white cupboard up the top.

  2. Mat/Jen,
    We are looking for build with Rawson and like the Fernside with a slightly different layout. I'd be very keen to understand how you process went and what Rawson were like from your perspective.

    1. You have a 'no reply' on your comments, so I cannot email you. If you give me your email address, i can reply to your comment. Thanks Jen