Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day 67 - Getting The Job Done

I used to work for a company whose motto was 'we get the job done' so I am living to that mantra today.

Rawson has advised me that the DA would be posted off to council by the end of the week. Working for a building company I know that in order to lodge a DA you need stamped plans from Hunter Water.  Problem is, Rawson is in Sydney, we are not, and any mail that comes to the Hunter is definetly snail mail.   So I emailed Simone asking if I could pick up the DA and lodge it myself.

She replied saying that you cannot lodge it as Hunter Water need to stamp the plans and that takes them 5 business days to stamp it plus the time for us to send it backwards and forwards - total wasted 3 weeks. Then they need to send them to council, another week, total of 4 weeks that I don't want to wait.

So I asked Simone if I can get the plans stamped myself, and lodge the DA - thank goodness she said YES.

So tomorrow - ROAD TRIP.  Round trip which is probably about 400 - 500kms, stopping at Rawson to meet Simone and then to grab the plans, get Hunter Water to stamp them (Maitland or Newcastle) and then take them to Port Stephens Council.  Hopefully I can do it all in one day. Hopefully I will save myself 4 weeks and get building before the beginning of November.

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