Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Day 65 - Second Rawson Payment

Today I heard from Rawson. Our CSO Simone has returned from sick leave - thank goodness.

Basix certificate ordered - check!

Development application started - check!

$7,000 second payment paid to Rawson - check!

Simone has said that our application should be sent off to the council by the end of the week. I have been told that Port Stephens Council are taking less than two weeks with development applications - lets hope this is the case when ours gets lodged.

I have also asked Simone if we can book our internal selections appointment before 10th September, which is when Mats work relocates. I know it is not leaving us much time, but it is less than 2 months before our 120 days is up and we should start building.

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