Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day 45 - Islands

This island bench is driving me insane. This morning I had a brain wave, I thought I would call the stone mason that we use as work and ask him about the overhang and whether it can be greater than 300mm.

The short answer - NO. For a  40mm caesarstone benchtop, the overhang cannot be greater than 320mm or it will void the warranty if it does not have additional supports. For 20mm caesarstone you will get away with having a bigger overhang.  OK, so that issue is solved.

Dave (the stonemason) asked me how long the island was - 3.30metres was my reply. Straight away he told me to reduce it to 3.0m so that it would not need a join.

Rawson have not told me that once the bench gets over 3.0m it will need a join - I am not saying here that they should have, but it would have been nice. I found this out on the homeone forum.  I thought I was fine having a join, but I know that it will drive Mat insane.  I told Dave the colour that we were going to have and he told me to shorten the bench as you will always see the join and it will spoil the island.

So I have gone back to Rawson and asked the question

1. Reduce the island to 3.0m so that there is not a join and leave it at the standard 900mm width. This should result in a credit as there is less stone, and less cabinetry.

Or reduce it to 3.0 metres, widen the bench to 1200mm.

One of the other options would be to make is 1200mm wide, but instead of having 870mm cupboards, having 600mm cupboards, and then on the other side have 300mm cupboards - basically like this internally

Hmmm too many decisions. Luckily we have quite awhile before we have to decide.

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