Monday, August 27, 2012

Day 71 - Hedges

On Saturday we went to Sydney to collect our 80 x 8" Viburnum hedges.    We are going to plant them around the front of the block, and have a post and rail fence in front of them. Eventually we want the hedges to be at the same height as the fence.

Yesterday we set about planting them. As the block is mainly clay, we dug a shallow trench and then planted the plants using a mound. That way we can get a decent amount of good soil for them to establish in.  We thought we would need 1 - 2 tonnes of dirt - we ended up going through about 4 tonnes.


I need to take the front of the block in two pictures - as it is nearly 50metres wide and wont fit into one frame.


All the scrub on the hill behind the hedges will go. Mat wants to mulch the hill and have a few plants, maybe some Gymea Lilly's, however, I think it will look nicer with lovely green turf. 

After all that planting, the only problem we have now - how to water them, when we currently don't have water connected. 

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