Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day 51 - Clearing out

We started clearing the block a couple of months ago, but got discouraged after we bought a dodgy chainsaw, so it has been sitting there doing nothing until last weekend when the kids were at mums and the sun was shining a perfect time to get stuck in. Mat bought a new chainsaw, a lot better than the other one we had and we got chopping

As you can see there is a tree where the writing in - all trees in front of this are going. This is where the house will be, so all the vegetation will also be cleared out.  There are loads of agapathas in there, these will be transplanted to the front.

The trees in this area are staying. The vegetation, fur tree and any dead trees will be cleared out.

This is to the right of the previous picture, we thought we would start on this first.  It is the most overgrown and has the most amount that needs to be removed.

We started with the obnoxious weeds that were at the front of the picture - oh my goodness there was heaps of it

All gone!!!  It took quite a few hours to get rid of it, and we found a fence under there, quite a bit of metal and bricks.

We have since cleared out a couple of the smaller dead trees (you can see them off the sides of the large trees)  The large tree in the middle is also dead and will need to be removed. We will save this for when all the other trees are removed once we have DA consent.   


  1. cool blog. are you able to make it subscribeable?
    keen to follow your build. :)

    1. I didn't realise that you couldn't follow along. I have changed it now. Hope you will follow along with our build