Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day 81 - Internal Selections

Yesterday was a big day. I have been going crazy with choosing kitchen colours. With Sunday being Fathers Day, we decided to drive down to Sydney to visit my parents and while we were there add in a quick trip to the show homes.

In the Rawson Seaview display I found the perfect colour for the overhead cupboards.  Turns out after being given the colour from Rawson, that it was a Polytec colour - Malt. Not what I really wanted seeing the bottom colours I was choosing between were Laminex colours.

To add insult to injury, I had ordered Laminex 150mm x 150mm samples of two colours that I wanted for the bottom cupboards last Wednesday.  The lady asked if I wanted any other colours, I said I was after a grey/brown toned wood without too much grain, but mostly wanted Licorice Linea and Espresso Ligna.  On Monday my samples showed up, I got the Licorice Linea, no Espresso Ligna and a host of other woods that were way too brown and had way too much grain.

Tuesday was spent crawling the net trying to find a colour that matched the Polytec Malt so I didnt have to have two brands of colours in the kitchen.

I should really have saved my energy, as when we went for our colour appointment yesterday at Rawson, Tracey told me straight away that Polytec have a colour called Truffle Lini.

So we have gone with the following kitchen cupboards.

Truffle Lini for the bottom cupboards - will either be matte or sheen, just waiting for a quote - should be about $1,000.00
Overhead cupboards - again will either be in sheen or matte depending on the quote.

Benchtops - we are having 40mm Caesarstone with waterfall ends on 3 runs.

Here is what they all look like together

The reason that I went with the truffle lini over the espresso ligna. When you are far away, rather than looking at a tiny colour chip they do look pretty similar, however, the truffle lini has more of a grey/brown tone that I am looking for.

The house we just sold everything was brown, brown tiles, brown vanities etc.  All our furniture is dark brown wood, so I didn't want to move away from that entirely. So we need to keep the brown tone, but want to move towards more grey tones - so best of both worlds.

All the vanities in the 3 bathrooms and the powder room will be the Truffle Lini in matte with the osprey caesarstone top.

Sink - I do not want a draining board. I really don't like them and they are never clean enough for my liking.  Next thought was an undermount sink.   Two problems there - firstly when you have a 40mm benchtop in caesarstone, it is a 20mm slab with the extra 20mm on the front to make it look like a 40mm slab. This is fine if you keep the illusion, however with an undermount sink, the undermount is only 20mm - so busting that illusion.  Another downer on the undermount, Rawson charge $400.00 - 500.00 for the cutting and polishing and then the additional cost of the sink.  I would rather pay the additional for an above mount sink.

So we are having a sink similar to this.

I am sure there will be a decent upgrade cost in this, but I think it will be cheaper than paying for an undermount sink and then paying for the stone to be polished.

Tap - I always knew what type of tap I wanted, a gooseneck pull out. I just wasnt sure that Mat would share my vision and would go for the standard tap.

Standard kitchen tap (or something similar) we both didn't like it

We could have upgraded to this - at a cost of $200 - $300.00 - cant quite remember the cost (which comes as standard in the platinum package)

I am not a fan either.

This is more what I had in mind

Caroma (who Rawson use) now makes ones of these taps, so they will need to get a quote for it. We are looking at $400.00 - $500.00 for it.  Even Mat was happy at that, as he wasn't keen on the standard that Rawson have.

The main ensuite and main bathroom will have the following shower heads

They come standard in the platinum package, but an upgrade from the standard, which is also not too bad

5th Bedroom ensuite will have the over head rain shower - which is standard with our package

One thing that I was excited about yesterday is that Rawson is changing over their appliance.  We thought we were getting the Baumatic appliances, however, Rawson are moving away from those appliances, because they were the first to have them and now a lot of the large project builders are using them - time to be different again.   They are moving to Westinghouse. No difference in the cost of the appliances, and I think they will be better for resale.

Dishwasher - which is standard with our package. We need a new dishwasher as we had to leave the last one when we sold our house, which wasn't a great loss anyway. It was a Fisher and Paykel and couldn't wash a dish to save its life.

Microwave - also standard with the trim kit. Our microwave will be 10 years old when we move into the house, it was given to us as a wedding present, so I am sure it doesn't have too many years left in it.

Oven - what I have always wanted. A free standing oven.  This bugger is big and will easily fit a couple of roasting trays side by side.  The rangehood will be undermount/concealed.

Really happy with how yesterday went. We were in and out in less than 2 hours. We knew what we wanted and what we didn't.  The thing I was happy with, it wasn't a huge sell.  We had a colour appointment before with another builder and everything that you would expect to be standard was an upgrade. Everything that was standard was cheap and you wouldn't want it in your house. Everything was a massive sell up and you could have spent many thousands of dollars in the blink of an eye.   With Rawson there was no hard push, no hard sell - really easy.  Thanks Rawson, most appreciated.

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