Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day 88 - Ch Ch Ch Changes

I only sent in my signed off selections this morning, but already I have made a change.

I have changed out the Dorf tap

To a Methven tap

The Methven tap is slightly larger at 530mm compared to the Dorf at 500mm. It retails for slightly more than the Dorf tap (but Rawson will do it for the same cost) but the reason I changed it, is that it has a life time warranty. 

One of the things I have read time after time about building with a project builder, is only upgrade the things you can't change later yourself.   So I was a bit worried about upgrading a tap that I could easily change over later.   I did my checks and we weren't paying excessive amounts as to what I could buy it for myself. My main concern was the warranty.  Methven comes with a lifetime warranty.  With two young kids and one that is fascinated with taps at the moment, that has to be worth its weight in gold and worth paying the upgrade fee for.

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