Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Day 93 - A Womans Prerogative

Its a woman's prerogative to change her mind and I have made another change to the internal selections.

Remember the sink - it bothered me.

It was a lovely sink, but there was one thing wrong with it - it has a draining board.  I knew that it would bother me and so I decided to just pay the stupid amount of money that Rawson was asking to undermount the sink.

On Friday I sent an email to ask the cost of the Pete Evans undermount sink

Retail price was the same as the Clark Razor Undermount at $999, but it came with the same attachments as the sink with the draining board.  I actually like the Razor sink better, but Mat wanted the attachments, so I thought I would go for that one to make him happy - see how nice I am

Today, I finally got a price back $1,530.00, that is $280.00 more than the Razor, where not only is the Pete Evans sink smaller than the Razor, they are the same retail price.  Quickly shoot back an email to Rawson, and the price is corrected as they forgot to take off the standard sink. New total cost $1,330.00. Can't work out where the extra $80.00

The fancy attachments are not worth that much, so I am going with the Razor instead.  

I have also decided to take out the water purifier. It is $180.00 to take off the cost of the sink - so we will only be paying an extra $220.00 instead of $400.00 for the new sink. Mat wanted to keep it for re-sale value, but I don't think people really care. We don't use the water purifier. The kids drink normal water and when we move into the house they can have the water that comes from the fridge - which we are paying $380.00 to have that water tap installed.

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