Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day 136 - Frustration

I should not be up to day 136 in my pre-build.  Rawson has a 120 tender period so we are already over that by 16 days.

Maree told me 3 weeks ago that they would need the Authority to Commence within 2 weeks. She also gave me a letter that said that the Site Supervisor would receive our file on 23rd October 2012 and a slab would be laid within 2 weeks of that date.

Last Wednesday (24th October 2012) I emailed Maree to ask whether the file had been collected by the SS. She replied saying that the SS had not come down for his meeting, but it would be sent by courier to him.   I asked when she expected him to receive it, which I received no reply.

I sent another email the following day asking for confirmation that the file had been couriered. I received an email advising that the estimating department were still working on the file and I would be notified once it had gone to the supervisor.   This annoyed me so much, as I had received it in writing and a letter had been drafted for the Office of State Revenue stating 23rd October.  

I asked for an accurate date of when it was going - to be ignored again.  I followed up the following day to be told that it would be 'likely' handed over to the SS on Wednesday 31st October.  When I said about the OSR letter, I was told that it could be amended if that helped me out - changing the letter wont help me out, laying a slab will help me out.

My CC was issued 3rd October.  As per the contract works commence within 20 working days. 20 workings days is up on 31st October.  I have advised Rawson that whether they are on site on Wednesday or not (and at this stage I believe that they wont and I will be let down again) that my contract date starts from this date.

Rawson say that they build quicker than their 40 week contract, but if worse comes to worse, including a couple of weeks for Christmas shutdown, we should have handover 21st August 2013.  Please don't let it be that long, I am hoping we will be in April/May

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