Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 108 - DA Approved

Rawson was a bit slow last week and dropped the ball a bit.

The request came through from the council that BASIX information needed to be added to the plans. As the plans were already in drafting and I was promised they would be finished last Monday, it should have been a quick thing. 

On Monday I was promised they would be finished Wednesday. I asked on Tuesday morning whether they could try and send them through by COB so I could print them off and take them to the Council first thing the next morning. Despite assurances they would 'try their best' they didn't come through. Neither did they come through Wednesday as promised.  Thursday, I was assured they would be ready before the end of the day.  They came through at 4:30pm in the afternoon, too late to get them to the council.  With the changes that were made to the plans, I am disappointed that it took them nearly two weeks. In this time our DA has been delayed and our electrical appointment could not be booked.

I dropped the amended plans off to the Council on Friday morning, but a little too late to do anything before the long weekend.  I had the HOW certificate, so hoping that the Construction Certificate would be issued at the same time.

Today  I spoke with the council.  Now that all the amended plans have been received, the DA has been approved!!!!   As they have all the information needed for the CC, that will be issued tomorrow too.  I was told that the DA would be 8 weeks, but they might be able to complete it in 6 weeks if we were lucky. It has been done in 5 weeks and 6 days. Not the 10 days that I was originally hoping for.

Still no change on the electrical appointment.  It hasn't been booked as yet. I have not heard from the electrical consultant despite the plans being sent last Friday and told that I would receive a phone call yesterday.

At least with the CC being issued, as per the contract Rawson have 20 working days in order to commence construction.  The delay in the electrical is now not my concern, it is Rawson's, so hopefully they pull their finger out and book it so the electrical plan can be done. 

Next step - trees coming down. I can't wait for that to happen. 

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