Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 124 - More Plants

When we arrived back from QLD, we didn't waste any time and got straight into planting a couple of the plants that we bought.

The Pandanus that we bought in January and the one from this visit are slow growing, so need to get in the ground asap.

This is the Pandanus that came back with us this time. As you can see it is in a 100 litre bag and is very heavy. The leaves are quite spikey. Luckily for the kids it was quite well behaved on the way back.

It is now planted on the front 'mound' of the block.  I took a picture of Mat next to it (in his very good Australian pose) so you can gauge the height of the plant now.  It is supposed to grow between 2cm and 80cm per year. Hopefully we get growth of somewhere in the middle.

The Pandanus that we bought in January. It has been sitting in its original pot at home. Taller than the newer one, or that could be just from the leaves that stand straighter.

One of our good finds on the weekend was 13 x yucca plants.  In Port Stephens where we live, you don't get a green waste bin. So once a year the council have a green waste day, the same as junk day and everyone puts their green waste outside and the council take it away.    Green waste day was Sunday and when we were driving home from the block on Saturday we found a large pile of Yucca stems that someone had thrown out.

I do feel a bit scabby picking up other peoples junk, but the good thing about Yuccas, is that when they are cut off from the original plant, all you need to do is stick them in soil and they will grow roots. You need to leave them until they are root bound in the pot (usually takes about 4 months) and replant them in the garden.  They don't need their roots to survive. It is the same with Agave plants.

Really, we need to see it as doing a good thing for the environment as we are recycling and re-using, plus it is saving quite a lot of money. The cost of 13 large Yucca plants would be quite expensive.

Another bonus of having these plants - they are an instant hedge that blocks out the neighbour.

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