Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 122 - Authority To Commence

Yesterday we received out Authority To Commence from the bank.

We are with CUA (Credit Union Australia) I have always found them to be quite frustrating with their paperwork, but they have always come through at the last minute and have never let me down in the years that we have had our mortgages (we have bought and sold a couple of times) with them.

This time, I had a new mortgage person with CUA.  My previous one (who was fantastic) has been promoted  to Manager (which I totally understand)  I told Anthony (the new guy) from the beginning that CUA is frustrating with processing the loan, but they always come through, and the mortgages that they offer can't be faulted. I told him that I wouldn't get stressed as long as everything was done in a timely fashion.

To say Anthony has come through for us is an understatement. He has gone out of his way to get everything done much quicker and with less stress than it has been in the past.  We have had everything in place well before it needed to be.

 Rawson said last Tuesday they needed the Authority to Commence within 2 weeks, Anthony delivered in 4 working days - not bad and a big thank you to him as well  for holding off with the loan paperwork.  The loan was approved one day later so that we could take advantage of the rate cut. Fixed loan at 5.7% for 3 years. I think that is pretty good.

With the Authority to Commence in place, the site works complete (I will post some pictures tomorrow) Rawson can start building.

What excites me, is I have been told that the file is passes to the Site Supervisor next Tuesday 23rd October 2012.  We are so close I can taste it.

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