Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 123 - Its Unrecognisable

Yesterday the site works were completed on our block. To say there is a difference is an understatement.   When I first saw it on Monday I was shocked. Yesterday it was starting to sink in a bit more.

This is what it looked like in the beginning.

I know I said that all the trees were going in front of a certain spot, but I really don't think I was prepared for what that would actually look like

All the trees that we wanted to be removed were taken out.  The block looks a lot larger, but somehow it looks a lot more open and exposed.   It also looks quite bare, and I was worried with the amount of trees that had been taken out.  I counted the remaining gum trees and we still have 27 on the block. So even though it looks vacant, we still have our fair share.

This is the view looking back to the street - so I don't think we are running short of gum trees.

For the house slab, there is a 700mm cut on the garage side of the block (which is the left side of the photo above)  In order to stop any potential water problems we have started the site cut from before the gate and have lowered the block on a gentle slope so we will avoid the large drop into the garage (where the site cut would have started).  We have also added a long drainage trench which is 450mm wide and runs nearly the length of the block.

Do you remember what the back garden looked like before?

This was before we started to work on it.   We put a large amount of effort into it and thought that we had done a pretty good job

This is what it looks like now the excavator has finished.

It's pretty different isn't it?    You will also notice that the container has been moved and now is in the back corner of the block.  The right hand corner of the block has been cleared out as well. There was so much rubbish in there including car tyres and concrete that were hidden under the long grass. 

What were my thoughts when I saw it yesterday after it was finished - we are going to need some turf - quite a lot of turf - about 3000m2 I think.

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