Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 135 - Electricals

Last week I finally had my electrical appointment. To get to this appointment has been a major headache and I am glad that it is over.

Mat couldn't take any more time off work, so I went on my own. One of the positives for this appointment, I didn't have to go to Sydney, it was at Swansea, which is still nearly an hours drive, but at least I could have the appointment and go to work afterwards.

The electrical is done through Your Home Consulting which also does the electrical for a lot of the other project builders.  I can't commend my consultant Mel enough - she was so lovely and friendly and I was at ease straight away.  She warned me that the appointment would be at least 3 hours, and it was, and by the end of it I could have gone home and had a nap.

I had a figure of $3,000 in my mind. I had done a rough estimate at home before the appointment and knew that we would be at least $4,000. That didnt include any extra circuits as I was hoping we wouldn't need any of them.

At the end of the appointment, we were waiting on 2 prices - one to connect our foxtel to other tv's without having to have additional boxes and the cost of a  32 amp hardwire connection for our outdoor spa.  The interim price was $4,500.

Ground floor electricals

One of the things we wanted was lights on the columns on the front of the house. As the electrician has to make an additional call out to the property to install the conduit into the brickwork, while they are bricking there is a charge of $300.00 for this, plus the cost of the lights.  As there was 3 lights on columns, it would have made the cost of each light (minus the fitting) $170.00.  We didn't bother to go for it, and went with them on the garage and on the front of the house next to the front door.

You will notice that there are red and blue lights and powerpoints. The blue ones are free and included in your allowance.  You get a certain amount to cover the whole house and once you go over the allowed you pay for the rest.  We had an additional 21 light points plus the external and stair lights. We also had an additional 10 double powerpoints plus a few outdoor powerpoints.

We have only requested the wiring for future downlights. This was $50.00 per light rather than nearly $200.00 that Rawson was charging per downlight.

You will see that the first floor is basically standard electrical (except for the stair lights).  We will get in an electrician after handover to install downlights and ceiling fans.

Our big spend for the electricals was the tv points.  We have 7 tv points. We get two for free, but have added an additional 5, and we have 3 foxtel points.

The 32 amp hardwire ended up being $668.00. This is quite expensive, but as the electricity meter box is on the garage wall and the spa will be at the back of the house, I think it is worth spending the money to save the hassle later.

A bonus was that Rawson is including for free NBN provisions.  Most of the other project builders are charging $600.00 for this. So that is a saving.

Our total bill in the end was $5,623.00

Thankfully that was the last of the admin things that need to be signed off on. Now we can get on with building.


  1. Hi, I am also building with Rawson and we are just behind you - due out of council in the next couple of weeks. We were shocked at the cost of your electricals - was there anything else that you got included for this price? Hopefully our electrical appointment is in the next couple of weeks, thanks Michelle

    1. Hi Michelle, I can't reply to you as your profile is set up without an email address. If you email me at I can reply