Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 116 - Its a Jungle

Our caravan is quickly filling with plants for the journey home. 

Today after a rather wet morning at Movie World we stopped at a nursery that had a clearance section. Spikey Agave's for $4.00 each. We bought the six that they had.

The nursery person was not that helpful and said that they were Spikey Agave's, and said they grow pretty big, but couldn't give any more information than that.  The plants leaves are green in the middle, with yellow outer. I have googled them, and I think they should end up something like this with some TLC

Yesterday we found a person that had mature Cycads for sale and we bought 4 of them in 400mm pots for the bargain price of $190.00.   That is $190.00 total, not $190.00 each.   I love Cycad's and we salvaged three large ones from our old house before we sold it, so this lot will add to our collection

Quite a few plants coming back with us.  So far we have 10 bamboo, 1 Pandanus (that we pick up tomorrow) 5 Bangalow Palms, 4 Cycad's and 6 Spikey Agave.  With only one day to go, do you think we can add to the haul. 

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