Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 115 - Plants

Our Construction Certificate and DA conditions were issued on Friday.  Luckily for us, there does not seem to be any conditions other than only removing trees within the building area and 5 metres surrounding the house.   As Rawson Homes is the applicant, the DA and CC was sent to them, so I am waiting for a copy so I can send it to the bank for them to issue the Authority to Commence.

I have finally booked the electrical appointment. After non-reply of emails and more days of promised phone calls that never eventuated, I called the Customer Service Manager. Within half an hour of the phone call, I had a call from the electrical consultant and an appointment booked. Unfortunately, the appointment can't be scheduled until Wednesday 24th October.  Rawson have said that they do not like starting construction without the electrical in place, but they will not hold it up.  So construction should start by the end of the month

Trees are scheduled to be removed next Monday 15th October 2012

We are currently on holidays in QLD.  We were up here in January, we fell in love with the Pandanus trees that grow here.

They don't seem to be that easy to find in nursery's, but we managed to find Bamboo Downunder just outside of the Gold Coast that happened to have two in their clearance section.  Not having much room in the car, we managed to only get one, but at $50 it was a bargain.

Yesterday we went back to Bamboo Downunder to get some bamboo to cover the house on the side fence.

We are planning to have bamboo to cover the majority of the house and continue with a tropical garden in the front of it.  I think the tree which has quite a few leaves now, is going to have to be pulled out to make way for the garden.

We ended up purchasing Chinese Dwarf Bamboo. It is a clumping bamboo, and only grows to a height of 3 metres

We also bought 5 Bangalow Palms.  These are supposed to grow to about 7 metres - these will sit along the fence in front of the bamboo

The great find of the day was the one remaining Pandanus plant. It was the same one from January, and it was still sitting in the clearance section.  I asked the price and was told it was a couple of hundred dollars. I told them I would give them $50 for it as that was how much the other one was. This one was bigger and is in a 100 litre bag.  They agreed at $50.00, so I guess the kids will be sharing the car ride home with another plant.

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