Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day 3 - Trees

We have quite a few trees on our block. Actually we have more than that, we have a lot of trees. They are not small either. The majority of them are big.

In order to build our house we need to remove more than 12 large gum trees, that is just within the space where the house is going. There are more that need to be removed, but being in a council shire that is just a little crazy over trees, I don't think that is going to happen.

In the photo above, all of the trees (except for the very back ones on the left) need to go. They are directly in the way of the house. All their stumps will be taken as well.  There are others that are in front of where I took this photo, that need to be removed as well.

At the front of the block, you can see by the above photo there are two large trees, actually they are huge if you have a look at my car next to Them. The council does not want these trees to go as they think they significant, however, they will be not that much over 5 metres from the front of the house. Council allows trees to be automatically removed if they are within 5 metres of the dwelling. These might be further than that away, but I would hate if they fell on the house. Another worry, they are big now, they are only going to get bigger.

Price to remove 12 trees and take away the stumps, but leave the trees behind for fire wood $3,500. Got to be happy with that, it was a lot cheaper than I thought.  Now we just need planning permission and we can get going

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