Monday, June 4, 2012

What Do We Do?

I think for a few days we sat there stunned. I cried and I swore. It was not as simple as choosing another house. It was that house that I wanted. I know it sounds dramatic, but it felt like the dream was slipping away.

So rather than wallow in self pity, we better come up with a solution. We could try and fight it or we could move on.

A visit to Waterford County show homes to get a price off Eden Brae for their double storey houses we stumbled across Rawson Homes. We walked through their Benham 33. It was a little too small for what we wanted and did not have the 5th bedroom and a study that we wanted, but from our interactions with the sales person, we settled on a design Fernside 38.

The good thing with Rawson is their inclusions are better than with McDonald Jones and a lot of the things that were an upgrade are standard, but their quote is fixed. Site costs are fixed. This is going to help as this house is going to well and truely smash our budget. 

Follow us on this journey as we go through the pre-building stage and build this house. We are hoping it wont take too much more than a year, but we have learnt, nothing is ever smooth when you are building a house.

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