Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tender Shock

I had my tender presentation today. I now know the reason they present it in person, so they can explain it point by point rather than flicking through to the bit we all want to know - THE PRICE.

Paul at Rawson is pretty good with his tenders and I did not expect much and thought that going in today would be a formality.  Well I was a little bit wrong there.

Firstly to Kate, thanks for your patience with the kids and with them leaving the office like a cookie bomb had just gone off. The cleaners are going to have a little more work tonight cleaning up after my kids.

Now the quote is about $12,000 more than I expected.  One of the reasons the slab.  We had a soil test done with McDonald Jones and it came back as an M class slab. Rawson wanted to do their own soil test and it has come back as an H class slab.  Adds an extra $6,000 to the cost of the house.  I am a little stunned by this, as the bore holes that were drilled were about 10 metres further back on the block from the original McDonald Jones ones.

The water connection came in quite a lot higher, but this has since been reduced significantly.  Sewerage and stormwater were also a lot higher than our McDonald Jones quote, but these are provisions as there is a 66m run to connect these services.

Now I just need to wait to speak to Kate tomorrow after she has spoken with the estimating department to see if there is any movement on the slab.

Also, I asked what the cost of the staircase was - it didn't make me fall over with the cost. In the show home the wood is victorian ash and the banisters are stainless steel. I am thinking when we go to colours I might get it priced for just the banisters in stainless and leave the staircase in MDF so we can carpet it later. 

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