Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day Zero

We paid our $3,000 initial payment to Rawson today.  I am actually quite excited that we are finally getting the process moving again.  We received a bottle of Champagne for our efforts from Rawson.

We did make a few changes today to our plans and hopefully if we spell it out from the beginning the check plans that come to us might be right and we wont have to make many changes.

We originally changed the home theatre door to a single swinging door, we have since changed our minds and will make it double cavity sliding doors.  That way we can leave the doors open the majority of the time and when we are using the room we can shut the doors off.

In the kitchen we are having a window as the splashback. The kitchen bench will be 5 metres long and we want a window that is 4.8 metres long that will be centred.  As a single window this length would be a scary cost, we have decided to have 3 windows, a 2400mm long centred and 2 x 1200mm on each end.

We have also advised that everything needs to be symmetrical.  Windows need to be centred in the rooms and the oven and sink centred in the bench.  Mat is anal about things being centred and it will annoy him forever if it is out.

Paul has advised us that the plans probably will be wrong.  Fingers crossed the plans will be right.

Next step - picking external colours. Not looking forward to that.

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