Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Show Homes and Tenders

Today is my tender presentation. I would rather just have it in an email so I can look at it at home and go through it all, but I guess this is the process of how building companies work. They want to do it in person, so you can't faint and yell profanities in their office.  So keep your fingers crossed, hopefully I do not faint.

On our way back from Canberra we stopped in at the Show Homes at Kellyville Ridge. They have the Fernside 38 on display. It is great to see the house in the flesh, and probably a good thing that we are 2 hours drive away as I am sure I would be there a lot.

Here are some pictures (taken on my phone) from our visit.

Front door - I love the large void here.  I would love the wooden stairs and the stainless banister, but I think I would die at the price - maybe I should ask the price to ease my mind, but then maybe I would want it.  I also love the wallpaper up the stairs.

We will not have the tall ceilings as in the show home. We would love them, but it adds more $$$ to the build cost. I have told myself that we are short and that normal height ceilings are already high enough for us.

Our one will have the alfresco option built in as part of the house, so the back wall in the photo will be where our house ends, and then we will add another alfresco on the back - total length of the house 27metres.

The tiles will be 600 x 600 porcelain white tiles. I know groan and tell me how horrible they are to keep clean. I know they are, I had them in my last house. I could regularly be seen on my hands and knees with a grout brush scrubbing the grout back to white, but I love the look, so we will be putting them in this house as well.

I am extending the kitchen island by 900mm, which will make it about 3.3m long (I wanted 3.5m, but I think that that is pushing it).  40mm stone with waterfall edge to both ends. I am also extending the back kitchen bench by 900mm as well.   We are also having the window for a splashback. 

Another view of the kitchen, the island in ours will extend into the alfresco area.

Last picture is of the front of the house again. Did I tell you I love the void?

After seeing the house in the flesh we are really happy with our selection. I just want to start building. All this waiting is driving me nuts.

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