Saturday, February 23, 2013

Day 116 - We Have a Roof

Today I can enjoy the rain knowing that the house is somewhat protected.
On Wednesday the roofers were back tiled the majority of the roof

On Thursday they were back again. I drove past on my way to school and they were hard at work. Two minutes later when we arrived at school it started to rain and it was hard. I was sure that the roofers would have called it a day, but to my surprise they weren't scared of a bit of rain and were still working when I drove past again.

The roofers were supposed to finish yesterday, but as the forecast was for 40-80mm of rain they didn't show up.
The bricklayers they are another matter. They have not shown up since Tuesday. One month since the bricks started and during that time that have been AWOL for over 7 days. I wonder if the bricks will be completed next week? As I keep saying the only upside is it is another week that I am not making a progress payment, so a little bit of interest is saved.
The plan for next week. Scaffolding levels will be changed again and the roof rail will be removed. The gutter guard will also be installed and the carpenters will start on the eaves and the cladding ready for painting before the scaffolding comes down.
Keep your fingers crossed that the weather plays fair as we might have external works completed in two weeks and then we will be moving inside
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