Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Day 112 - Bricks day 13 plus a roof

Day 13 for the bricks. When the bottom storey bricks were completed in 3 days I never thought we would still be bricking at 13 days. The bricks haven't been finished yet. However, this afternoon when Mat was at the block there was a new delivery of bricks. Upon further inspection Mat realised that the brickies had run out of bricks.

The front of the house is still waiting to have the columns finished. The second skin on one of the garage walls was completed and they have started on the sills.

I was surprised when I drove past the block this morning that there was roofers on site.

They seem to have completed the framing required for the tiles plus installed the sarking

If the forecasted rain stays away, hopefully we will have some tiles on the roof tomorrow

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