Monday, February 11, 2013

Day 103 - The Growing Plant Collection

We are still collecting plants. As we have an acre to plant out we need quite a lot.

Our nursery of choice - eBay or Gumtree - free is even better when you can get it.

If we were to buy all of our plants from nurseries we would be spending thousands and with the cost of the house, we can't afford even a fraction of that.

Recently we have won a few eBay auctions.

The Staghorn was $42.00. The people that we bought it off were lovely and we ended up leaving with quite a few Bromeliads and a Macadamia tree.

We also won a second Staghorn. This one was $100.00 and I was worried that we had overpaid for it seeing the first one was big and was less than half the price.  When we picked it up yesterday I realised the picture on eBay did not do it any justice and it was HUGE

In the wheelbarrow before we put it on the tree

Another auction we won was $20.00 for two large Dracaena plants (in the background of the picture below). In the foreground there is a Frangipani that we bought off the side of the road for $10.00.

When we went to pick up the Dracaena's we found out that the people had an indoor plant hire business and all their plants once they come off hire and don't look 100% they sell them on.  So we left with an additional four Bird of Paradise plants for $30.00. The good thing about 3 of the plants, they are doubles - so they can be split when planted, so we have 7 for the price of 4.

Remember the plants that we bought in QLD back in October?

We re-potted them and they are growing well

My motto with plants is to try and never pay retail. Sometimes it is unavoidable, but if you look you can pick up some bargains.


  1. Love it! Yes, you are doing really well there Miss Green Thumbs! My granny used to always say that Staghorns love banana peel. Just chuck em in the top apparently. I have not yet tested this out but boy did she have some beautiful staghorns so I totally believed her. I drove past the house the other day, looking good. And I see all your planting along the council strip. Can't believe you had to hand water the lot! With every post, Jen, I am getting really excited for you. xx

  2. Wow! Such planning. I have a few of those stag things around the house. I didn't realise they were cool or worth anything. Nice!