Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day 46 - Tiles

We had our tile appointment today. A little premature as we are only up to frames and tiling seems a long way off, but nice to have the last our our colours choices (and additional spending) complete.

The tiling appointment with Rawson is completed through an outside tiling company. We found this works quite well as there are quite a range to choose from. What we found a little frustrating was that in the floor tiles in the colour that we wanted the $27.50/m tile allowance is really not sufficient. We wanted plain matte tiles. Most tiles are gloss and have a pattern to them. We found one tile we liked, a lovely charcoal grey, upgrade cost of $30/m for the tile and an additional cost of $40/m for laying - ouch! That one stayed on the shelf.

The tile we chose was $7.50/m upgrade. It is plain grey and didn't require any additional laying charges. Total upgrade here $405.00

Next was the wall tiles. I firstly got a price to change the two ensuites and the main bathroom to floor to ceiling tiles - total cost $4,500.00. Another thing we decided to forgo. I worked out with the meterage we were being charged $27.50 for the tiles and $72.50/m for the laying - really expensive.

We wanted 300x600 white matte wall tiles. We were told that they were an upgrade, only the gloss in that size were standard. We have decided to stick with the standard and have gone with 250 x 500.

For the vanity splashback I was going to leave it at just plain white. I didn't want it to date and thought because the vanity's are free standing and apart from the 5th bedroom ensuite and the powder room they don't have anything apart from wall space around them I thought a feature tile might look a bit out of place.  I was happy to have a feature tile in the shower niches.  Mat wanted other wise and thought we should have a feature tile for all of the vanity splashbacks and the shower niches.  Luckily I got my way in having them all same.

It is rough stone, sort of like stack stone, sheet are 600 x 150mm and it will be laid horizontally with white grout.  Hoping that this will look good compared to the really white walls and the white tiles.   Total upgrade for this was $1,460.00.  Mat likes to tell everyone that  I have a  $2,000 sink (its $1,800.00 including the tap) so now he has the $1,460.00 tiles!

With a few extras - chrome tile trims and square floor wastes, our total bill $2,050.00.  I wanted to spend nothing and was a little shocked at the price. Mat thought it was reasonable and within what he wanted to spend.

Thank goodness that is the last decision to be made and last amount of out of pocket spending until the house is built.

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